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Arriving at Iketani, having “a Narrow Escape from Death”

100210 The 2010 Snow Shoveling Dojo, co-hosted by Chuetsu Disaster Prevention Frontier and JEN, was a great success!

100210_2 This year, Niigata had the heaviest snowfall in more than twenty years. A female college participant claims that she experienced a narrow escape from death when arriving at Iketani.

100210_3 Participants were divided into beginner and intermediate levels, and learned complicated skills such as knotting ropes. Later, they set up a banner that read “Snow Shoveling Dojo” and shoveled large amount of snow around the Iketani meeting center. In addition to working at a farm in summer, I will be joining the Snow Busters this weekend, too, since I really enjoy supporting the villagers.


Program Officer in Niigata Ayako Wakano

On February 28th, that person in the Tokamachi Regional Development Planning Committee is coming to Niigata City!

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