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After the resettlement

100210_3 The Sri Lanka Presidential Election has finished on 26th January without any major troubles and the present President was re-elected. Due to this event, the Return process were affected and getting delay but going gradually.

In the end of January, JEN survey team visited the people who have returned to their origin in the northern part of Vavuniya District, where heavy battle had once occured. Since the Water Board has requested us to clean the wells, JEN sent the team to check the situation.

We visited Ayladi Village and met Mr. Asokan (age 40) who came back from an IDP camp with his wife and two children. His well is dirty because nobody maintained it while their absense. In order to use it again, all water has to be taken up and cleaned. His house was destroyed as well, so that he started to rebuild it as shown in the photo. The roof material (tin sheets) will be distributed from the government. However, they cannot live in this house yet.100210_4

So, after Mr. Asokan rebuilds his house and clean the conpound in the daytime, he goes to the transition camp in Nainamadu Village, 3 km away from his village in the night foe catching sleep. In this camp, around 50 families live together because there are cleaned wells and people can sleep without fear in the night.

This is the reality that people could come back near their village but cannot settle down yet. So that the distribution of tin sheets, cleaning of wells, and agriculture assistance are the highly needed assistance to restart their life.

How can JEN support the people for their self-reliance? JEN keeps talking with people. 

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