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A trip to Terekeka…

A recent assessment mission took me to one of the most underserved areas of Central Equatoria named Terekeka.

Terekeka is mainly predominated by nomadic communities whose main source of livelihood is cattle keeping.  JEN has implemented a school water and sanitation program in this area in the past.  It was very interesting to carry out our assessment in one of the hot spots in Sudan after reassurance about the now existing peace and security in the area.

There were lots of interesting things going on in Terekeka: fishing, marriage ceremonies (by the way you need at least 50 cows to announce that you want to get married to a girl.)

Aside from all these interesting phenomena and the fact that the town lies just beside the Nile River, I was thrilled to see women walking along carrying what appeared to be hand bags…

Picture 1: a newly married gal attending MCH clinics in Terekeka PHCC

Take a closer look at this picture…Looks like a girl carrying a handbag! But look closer…perhaps you missed it.  Yes there is a baby in it!
In this part of the Southern Sudan babies are carried in hides and skins of goats…very innovative!

February 10, 2010 in South Sudan |