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When are the holidays for next year?

The calendar in Afghanistan is based on the Persian calendar of Iran, and the beginning of the New Year starts around March 21st.

There was a happening during Japanese New Year’s when we were checking the holiday schedule for 2010 at JEN Afghanistan.
Even when we made inquiries to the local government and the embassy, no one knew the actual dates of the holidays. When we searched the Internet, it presented different dates based on different sources, and appeared that the accurate dates would not be specified until next March.

To make matters worse, the religious holidays are based on the Islamic calendar, so the dates would change within a couple days according to that month.

Even though the calendar differs from the Christian calendar, I wonder if it is only the Japanese international staffs who are worried about not being able to make plans in advance because of the unconfirmed holiday dates. We do care about the schedule of the local people in Afghanistan…

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