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Thinking together with the local people

At JEN’s disaster prevention workshop, we do not imposingly teach knowledge on disaster prevention or evacuation training.

Of course, JEN’s facilitators provide an opportunity for people to to get thinking, but from then on, it is up to the people to adjust it to their own lifestyle and customs. When we have the local people actively participate in the workshops, they sometimes come up with various ideas and traditional wisdom.

To this end, the workshop has to be both serious and enjoyable, with some unifying elements. We try to create a team, by playing games that incorporate everyone, having friendly conversations, and doing a lot of group work. It’s not really about teaching something for them to study, but having them come up with their original disaster prevention manual by themselves.

We believe that people who have been affected by the cyclone would feel more optimistic when they feel more unified as a village, however incrementally, through our disaster prevention workshop. While it’s been a year and a half since the cyclone strike, we hope for your continued support on our Myanmar project.

January 21, 2010 in Myanmar |