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The snow-ball effect

100107_dscn0904s Thanks to the late Ms. Miyako Kiyohara’s will and cooperation from the Japanese government, we’re conducting a disaster prevention workshop in Phapon, Bogale.

It’s been a year and a half since the cyclone Nargis hit this country. There is a possibility that an equally large-scale cyclone would strike here again and produce similar disasters. We realize that the people who inhabit our project sites are also abundantly aware of this and feel apprehensive about such risk.

Because of this, it seems, the attendance rate at JEN’s disaster prevention workshop continues to make an extremely high mark of over 80%. Our staff is also alerted by this and works harder to respond to people’s interests in and attitudes toward disaster prevention.

Besides JEN’s project sites, however, there aren’t that many villages that are properly equipped and prepared for the next cyclone strike. People who have gone through Nargis understandably seem to feel anxious about such tragedy, which anyone could experience for the second time. However, they are probably at a loss for directions on where to start.

100107_dscn1028s The disaster prevention committee that JEN established at our project sites works hard to have the local people share their know-how’s on disaster prevention with their neighboring villages. Through JEN’s project, we aim to have people in other regions to realize that tragedies can be prevented, and to disseminate the know-how’s on disaster prevention as swiftly as possible.

January 7, 2010 in Myanmar |