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The First Session of the Snow Busters 2010, “Super Snow Busters”

100128_1 JEN held the first session of Snow Busters from January 22nd to 24th in three meters of snow.

It was a “Super” Snow Busters since we had a diverse group of participants – from nine to sixty one year olds, and from beginners to experienced participants. In total, twelve people (ten male and two female participants) took part in the session. They sat in a one-hour lecture that taught basic knowledge and techniques of snow shoveling, and were trained in security measures. After that, they tried snow shoveling wearing unfamiliar shoes called kanjiki*. 100128

Participants utilized snow dumps**, invented through much research done by the Tokamachi locals, shoveled snow off the roofs, and moved the snow to the sides. Their harmonious teamwork was amazing!

At night, they had a party with the villagers. Singing songs with dance and clap, enjoying the sound of conch, guitar, and drum, it was like a “small concert,” and everyone was enchanted by the atmosphere.

Participants expressed their desires to improve their snow shoveling techniques in order to shovel even more and assist the villagers. Snow shoveling is indispensable to the lives of these Iketani villagers, although they are aging year by year.

JEN is will continue to put effort into hosting Snow Busters and fostering the strength of Iketani.

*kanjiki: shoes designed to walk on snow
**the snow dump: a large shovel for snow

January 28, 2010 in Niigata |