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People Living in Handmade Camps

Photo_3 Many of the affected people are now living in outdoors in places like soccer fields and open spaces, far from their homes, in fear of their houses destroying or of another earthquake.
In Grand Goave, JEN staffs visit such camps everyday as part of the needs assessment research.
Obviously these people do not have any proper material to build the temporary shelter with, so they use pieces of wood, blocks, and cloth.
The finished produce is so small, both in height and area, family members can barely lay down.
Photo_4 They don’t even have mattresses to cover the naked ground inside the shelter.
Given such situation, JEN has decided to first of all come up with a list of shelter-building tools. These tools will be assembled as a ‘kit’ and be distributed to families in need.
The list includes corrugated iron sheets, saw, hammer and nails.

January 30, 2010 in Haiti |