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Outbreak of Earthquake in Haiti on 2010/01/13

Outbreak of Earthquake in Haiti on 2010/01/13
Emergency Assistance will start for the afflicted people of Haiti

JEN, non profit organization (headquarters at Shinjuku, Tokyo) will start its emergency assistance for the affected people, following the earthquake that occurred on January 13th in Haiti.

The devastating earthquake took place on January 12th 16:53 local time (13th 18:53 Japan time), directly under the Haitian capital Port-au-Prince. According to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, maximum number of the affected is expected to reach 3 million. The Haitian President has also announced that number of deceased could go up to 30000 to 50000 (as of January 14th). The extent of the deadly damage is expected to increase as we obtain further information of the affected area.

JEN has decided to implement the emergency assistance at this time, based on our experience with emergency relief after similar natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis and cyclones. Internationally, our ongoing projects are in Indonesia (Sumatra earthquake in October 2009), Myanmar (Cyclone ‘Nargisse’ in May 2008), and our past projects were in Pakistan (Earthquake in South-west region in October 2008 and Kashimir Earthquake in October 2005), Sri Lanka (tsunami caused by Sumatra earthquake in December 2004), Iran’s earthquake in Eastern Region, India’s earthquake in Western Region, and Mongolia’s snow damage. Domestically, we have implemented emergency assistance in Niigata following its Chuetsu Earthquake in October 2004. As of today, in Niigata, self-reliance assistance is ongoing for the elderly affected by the earthquake.

3 staffs are dispatched to the site on January 15th: Cyril Cappai (Head of Mission, JEN, French), Masako Yonekawa (Francophone emergency assistance specialist), and Olivier de la Motte Saint Pierre (Program Officer), all due to arrive on January 16th. Taking into consideration the aggravating security situation, we will first collect information of the damage and necessary information for our emergency relief. Simultaneously, we will distribute necessary emergency assistance goods as much as possible.

JEN has begun its charity drive as part of our emergency relief assistance for the affected people in Haiti. In order to reach our assistance to the people with rapidity, accuracy and flexibility, we need your cooperation.
In addition, the latest information will be announced on our website as well as our flash report mail magazine.

Donation for JEN Haiti Earthquake Emergency Assistance.
By credit card via homepage


By postal transfer (available within Japan)
00170-2-538657. Account name: JEN

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