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National Border in Chaos

Photo As a supporting staff in JEN’s assessment team, I, Ms Fumiko Tanaka, have arrived in Haiti on January 28th.
I entered Haiti by road from the neighboring Dominican Republic.
It took around 4 hours to reach the border as planned, but the speed slowed down and it took 2 hours to travel 1 km just before crossing the border, and finally entered Haiti.
The border was filled with trucks carrying emergency goods into Haiti coming from all corners of the world, and a mass of Haitian people flowing out to evacuate their homeland.
On top of this chaos, we found people trying to do business by selling various items or doing currency exchange services, and people trying to organize, in vain, buses and trucks that come driving into the mess.
Due to the earthquake many roads near the border are damaged and sunk in water, two lane roads are now single lane with landslides, and these hamper the transportation of emergency assistance goods.
I just hope that assistance from the world will reach the affected people in Haiti, as soon as possible.

January 28, 2010 in Haiti |