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[Haiti Earthquake Emergency Assistance Flash Report]

250110_ We have received some photos from Haiti.

Presently, JEN is conducting research in a town called Grand Goave about 50 km away from the Haitian capital.
About 60% of the buildings are completely damaged here.
We are seeing spontaneous camps in numerous places such as open squares and soccer fields.
The photo shows a temporary house made with desks and chairs from a destroyed school and tree leaves.
People are desperately building temporary shelter with wood blocks and bits of galvanized iron sheets.

250110__2 Of course there are no toilet facilities.
As JEN, we have come up with a list of items to be used for removing rubbles and building small huts by their own hands. We have selected a supplier to procure the necessary items and materials from the neighboring country Dominican Republic.

Written by Ito (In charge of Haiti, Overseas Program Department, JEN Tokyo HQ)

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