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[Flash Report] Emergency Assistance in Haiti

To conduct needs assessment research and distribution of emergency daily necessities, JEN has dispatched emergency assistance specialist Masako Yonekawa, Head of Mission Cyril Cappai, and Program Officer Olivier de la Motte Saint Pierre. Olivier has worked with JEN during its Lebanese Emergency Assistance.

In order to conduct our activities with utmost safety, especially with the given worsening of security situation characterized by violent lootings, JEN sent 3 experienced international staffs, all francophone.

On the 17th, the three are to arrive in Dominican Republic, then after some preparation such as hiring a car, they are to enter the Haitian land by road.

Given the lack of accommodation and water for the staffs in Haiti, staffs have prepared tents, first aid kits, and water purifying tablets in France.

There are indications of the shutting down of tale-communication, so communication between Japan and Haiti will be done with transmission via satellite.

January 18, 2010 in Haiti |