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090129_img_0775_low Village Development in Niigata: Volunteers Needed for Snow Busters!!
~Many challenges facing the villagers in Iketani, Niigata~

Activity Information:
It has been four years since the earthquake hit the village. 4 families out of 6 families in the Iketani village are elderly people, and therefore the village faces the threat of depopulation. Despite this, the elderly are engaging in village revitalization efforts with huge energy. Since 2005, JEN has aided the busy farming season and recruited volunteers to assist towards their recovery. During the winter season, we are seeking volunteers to visit the area and help clear the snow. We need your support!

There will be three sessions for Snow Busters.
(1st) January 22nd '10 – 45th '10 (3 days and 2 nights) 
(2nd) February 5th '10 – 7th '10 (3 days and 2 nights)
(3rd) February 19th '10 – 21st'10 (3 days and 2 nights)

Please keep in mind that…
¨ The activities may vary with the changes in the weather and other conditions.
¨ Please bear the cost of the transportation on your own.
¨ You are welcome to join by car. (helping to drive other participants is welcomed)

Home stay at houses in the village of Iketani, Niigata

Number of Participants needed:
10 volunteers

3 days and 2 nights = \6,000 ( 4 meals )
*Dinner will not be provided for the night of first day

What to bring:
¨ Waterproof gloves
¨ Long boots
¨ Outfit for cold weather (waterproof)
¨ Towels
¨ Change of clothes
¨ Copy of insurance card
* Please inform us if you need to borrow long boots.

Deadline of Application: Until spaces are filled

How to Apply:
1. Download the application from here JEN website, and send the filled form to us via FAX or by mail or through an e-mail
2. We will then inform you where to make your payment
3. After we confirm your payment, your application is determined

Assembly Time:19:30 of the starting date at Tokamachi Station, Hokuhoku Line, West Gate
Timetable of Hokuhoku Line

Departure Time: 12:00 of the final day at Tokamachi Station, Hokuhoku Line, West Exist

* If you are travelling by car, please park in the parking area of the West or East exit and meet us at the Hokuhoku Line’s gate.

JEN Headquarters Tokyo Office, Obata

* This project is cooperated with Tokamachi-shi regional development executive committee.

Further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us at


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