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Linking Lives, Planting Lives, Vol.2

091224 In this entry, JEN is going to report the details of the Earth Walk & Tree Planting Tour in Iketani, Niigata, as we did last time. On the second day of the tour, JEN held the Tree-Planting Festival in which participants planted 100 trees in “The Forest of Life.”

An earth-walker, Mr. Nakatani planted trees in “The Forest of Life” in the past, but growing trees was difficult because of poor water-drainage. The members of the Tokamachi Development Committee prepared for this time, reflecting on the previous event. 

Before planting seedlings, Mr. Nakatani carefully explained what the participants are about to do, and the locals’ wisdom and cooperation made the process a pleasing one for the participants. JEN will continue to plant seedlings with care, imagining that in 30 years time, the trees will grow tall and large, as well as the future of Iketani, and us.

091224_2 After planting the seedlings, the participants wrote their “messages of life” on “the board.” The head of the Tokamachi Development Committee, Mr. Yamamoto attached the board on the sign of “the Forest of Life.”

091224_2010 Lastly, all the practices of the tour were over by taking a commemorative photo of the participants and all the locals of Iketani. “Thank you, I will be back” “Thank you, please come back” exchanging words each other.

December 24, 2009 in Niigata |