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New school building for the children has completed!

The construction of Hemayatul High School of Parwan Province Charikar District has finished.

The brand new one-story school building is surrounded by a thick concrete wall, and equipped with eight classrooms and two faculty offices, libraries, and science laboratories. Ten bathrooms are set up outside and there is a water-supply well in the area as well.

The opening ceremony celebrating the completion of construction was held on the 13th where 800 people joined. Though the building was just completed, the leader of school management committee was made a sincere request to the Governor of Parwan Province and the Director of the Education Bureau, to add four new classrooms on the second floor, in the opening speech, to accommodate for the increasing number of students. It is truly encouraging to see the number of enrolling students rise.

During the long war, furious battles took place in Parwan Province that generated a large number of IDPs (internal displaced persons) as well as refugees. Presently, this province has the one of the least to encounter unsafe incidence. We hope that this stability continues and the opportunity to education will spread for both boys and girls, JEN will continue support for Afghanistan. 

Approximately 1,400 students will start their new school term from next March at Hemayatol High School. Therefore, teachers are very busy to move and to prepare for the new school term during the winter breaks.

December 17, 2009 in Afghanistan |