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Eid Mubarak

In Pakistan, from the 27th Friday, a day earlier than in Afghanistan, the Feast of the Sacrifice began. All JEN Pakistani staff returned to their home villages for four days.

Feast of the Sacrifice, the event is based on the myth of the Qur'an. When Ibrahim was just about to sacrifice his child, as told in a revelation from God, God honored the spirit of faith and sent angel Gabriel and asked to sacrifice the life of a sheep instead.

In various parks and markets, livestock markets appear only around this time of the year. An Islam friend tells me, goats and cows are dissected for the poor, and that all parts of the body are utilized.

The day before the Feast of Sacrifice, I saw goats and cows under the sun, but on the 29th the area became a sea of blood with slaughtered animals here and there. Usually the slaughter is handled by experts in one chop, which give less pain for the animals.

I was very puzzled since I am not accustomed to these kinds of events, once again, I did feel the preciousness of "life" and appreciate for being given a “life”.

December 3, 2009 in Afghanistan |