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To all of you with our sincere thanks

Today, I would like to share some photos of Aghan children that just arrived from the field.

 The photographs below were taken during the distribution program of 16 schools in Parwan Province of Charikar District that began from September, and within the same District an orphanage that finished the reconstruction in October.

 I would like to express our special thanks for your support.

091105__63_parchi_11_g2_03db2009 A photo of the girl’s school.

The girls from the second grade class of Pachall elementary school.

Suflab, 8 year old boy from the second grade  of Da mullah yusof elementary, 091105_suhrab_grade_2_age_8_da_mull .

This school does not have their own school facilities, so they are borrowing one part of a mosque to study. He says that he likes this classroom.

091105_orphanage_hand_over National Charikar orphanage

Approximately 150 children live in this orphanage. Behind the children is a warehouse where they can store equipment and household goods. The renovation and reparation of the canopy was completed in mid-October.

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