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JEN organizes workshop events on hygiene.

091105 The school renovation and hygiene project for 17 elementary and junior high schools in Baghdad enters its final stage, which has started in March 2009 supported by our supporters and government of Japan.

Now, JEN’s Program Officer is organizing two-day hygiene workshops in each school. The workshop teaches how to build and maintain the students’ health in the long term by using the renovated brand new hygiene facilities that connect to public water supply system.

091105_2 On the first day, school teachers from each school are taught basic knowledge on hygiene, infections like cholera and H1N1, and importance of cleaning.

On the second day, a teacher conducts hygiene education for students, following review of the first day. Thanks to teachers’ endeavor, the class sometimes includes practical training of how to brush their teeth and to wash their hands using the hygiene goods that JEN gave out.

The teachers who attended the two-day workshops will each conduct hygiene education in their classes.

November 5, 2009 in Iraq |