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Constructing Schools

091119_mraarahimi_and_mr_feda_muham Hemayatul High School located in Charikar province of Parwan District began its construction from April and is scheduled to complete by mid December.
More than 95 percent is complete and soon the construction for coating the building and electrical wiring will start.

The photo taken in October shows the President Rahimi of Afghan-American Company on the left, in charge of the construction of schools, on the right is the engineer Feda Mohammed. Rahimi President spoke;

091119_h_installation_of_isogam_is_ More than 70 percent of the people in Afghanistan are illiterate. Without a decent education, there will be no development in this country.

I myself received a scholarship studying engineering at the University of California, received a master's degree in Urban Design at Oxford, United Kingdom. When Afghanistan was a communist country, I was teaching at a university in Saudi Arabia as an associate professor.

Afterwards, I returned to Afghanistan to rebuild the country, and established the company I am working for right now. So far, I have constructed hospitals and agencies residence, and other than that built schools and houses. I will continue constructing as much schools as possible to contribute to the country.

H_isogam_on_the_roof_is_completed Construction work creates employment. Presently, this is the most important thing for this country. "

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