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Being Helped While Helping

I came to Myanmar as a program officer to help people suffering from the damage of the Cyclone. However, after a while, I realized that I was the one who have been actually helped by the people of Myanmar.

There is a villager who is continuously caring for us since last June. In the beginning, I was quite suspicious about his kindness. I was thinking that there must be something hidden behind his kindness. Now more than a year has passed since then; however, even now, he always gives us his hand to JEN when JEN is faced with difficulties.

He never gains; rather his is sacrificing both his time and money for us. Thus, I came to realize that in this world, there exists a person with absolutely no greed who can truly devote himself for others. Now I feel shameful and regret that I had been so suspicious about his kindness. I could never thank him enough.

Needless to say, it is not only him that offers such selfless kindness. JEN’s activity is supported by kindness of many local villagers. Since JEN owes so much to locals, it is difficult to pay back everything JEN owes, but JEN will try our best to pay back as much as we can for the people of Myanmar.

November 5, 2009 in Myanmar |