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A prayer toward Mecca

091119s Muslims have a duty to pray five times a day, a  service  called “Salat”.

While those who have time go to a nearby Mosque every time to pray, the majority of people pray in quiet places in their house or office using a mat specially made for praying purposes. Wherever they are, they always pray facing the Kaaba in the Saudi Arabian Mecca.

JEN’ local staff also start washing their hands, legs, and faces when they hear an announcement from the Mosque or an alarm set on their mobile phones that signal that it’s time to pray.

How do those who move around a lot know the direction of Kaaba?

091119s_2 The answer is in the prayer mat. The mat comes with a disc that has numbers written on it. You simply have to turn the mat around to set the compass needle to each country’s designated number (Jordan ‘s number is 225).

I am impressed by the massive scale of Muslim praying all over the world toward one place, all at the same time.

November 19, 2009 in Iraq |