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A former mine-detector dog at work

091126_dsc00384 Let me introduce a dog, who used to detect and remove mines, as a member in the JEN Sudan office. This dog  has shown her remarkable capability as a guard.

Her name is Kim, a former mine detector, and used to belongin an American company named "RONKO" in the mine detecting business. .  She was probably born in Europe (perhaps Belgium), and chosen as a mine-detector dog, thanks  to her intelligence and amiable nature. She underwent a special training for 2 years and was brought, together with other mine-detector dogs, to Africa, several thousands miles away from her home country.091126_dsc00389

Food supply to Kim offered by "RONKO" is lessening recently, but she still works very hard for JEN, both as a guard and as a moodmakerto cheer up JEN members. In addition, it seems that she doesn't confine her job to a guard only recently.  We can see her work at a desk, as shown in the picture.

At present, 4 people including the local staffs, live and work in the office both day and night.  Office staffs have to keep mental stability to achieve hard work every day, under circumstances where security is not fully assured.  Therefore, Kim's role to cheer up staff members is indeed very important.

November 26, 2009 in South Sudan |