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When children will grow up

  While I was walking inside the Camp, I happened to notice two girls tried to play one ball. However, they were unable to play. I believe that they are age around 7-9 years old. Both are handicapped. One of them  lost her one leg and the other lost fingers of her right hand.

  When I reached near them, they stopped playing and looked at me. I'm noticed face of the people around me. Some IDP’s were taking water from bowser and collected fire wood from road site. Others were walking around that area. I wonder if they feel happy or sad. I could not figure out by their behaviour. Then, I spoked to these girls, Thenuja and Priya.

  Thenuja lost her one leg. She is extremely quite and shy. What had happened was that she lost her leg end of last year. However, she did not like to remember the incidents. She hates war, so as  her injured arms. She remembers her hometown and sweet home, which she has lost now. She talks about her pets, too. And she has nither memories nor intention to remember the life after that.  She had lost not only her one leg, but also happy future ahead.

  Priya, who had lost her right fingers is younger than Thenuja. She lost them at the begining of this year. She believes that her fingers will grow again. She does not understand her problem, and she didn’t feel like to spend a time with me. So, she starts playing by herself again.   

  We meet many people like them in the camp. We would like them to overcome the sad memories they had encountered the past.

October 1, 2009 in Sri Lanka |