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The Third Session of “LET’S GO TO TAMBO!!”, 2009

091001_img_4031_low -- Achievements of the Next Generation --

  From the last September 25th to 28th, JEN implemented the last session of “LET’S GO TO TAMBO!!” which was to harvest rice.

  All 17 participants harvested rice and dried rice ear on the tree out in the sun, in the half-acre paddy field .. it's called "Hazakake" process .

  The age range of the supporters varied from a 4-year-old child to a forty-something jet setters. As Iketani has a relatively small elderly population (only 6 old-aged households) it is now not unusual to see elementary students and/or babies in the community. As usual, each child assisted in harvesting rice as much as they could.

  Unfortunately, we were unable to accept children as volunteers in the past, since it was usually to physically demanding. However, it became usual for volunteers to take part in “LET’S GO TO TAMBO!!” with their families including parents and children. This led management volunteers ask themselves  what agricultural tasks  children could do to enable them to get involved in the effort. Meals were made more appetizing for children, as well as being more careful not to place mowing equipments and blades within their reach. (The picture on the left shows the youngest caterer, 4 years old.)

  Additionally, JEN appointed one of the management volunteers a “person in charge of children” in order for their parents to concentrate on activities. Children occupied themselves by running around in paddy fields and collecting insects from the mountainside. The job of the volunteer is a busy and stressful one, as he or she always attends on children, and all their problems!

  Upon arrival, the children seemed a little uneasy in the unfamiliar environment, with its rural scenery,  insects and country life. However, easing their anxiety is one of the most important roles for the minder.

091001_img_5883   Children are not perfect hands for farming, but still villagers looked happy to see and hear children laughing and running around in the field, teaching them all the secrets in the mountainside. (The picture on the right shows the youngest, 4-year-old child, in charge of drying rice ear on Hazaki in the sun.)

Two families took part in this session of “LET’S GO TO TAMBO!!”for their second year running.
“My child said that I wanted to join this program at any cost. Participating in “LET’S GO TO TAMBO!!” is the top priority among the plans for the summer. (The picture on the left shows the youngest leader of an insect-collecting group, the second grade at an elementary school.)

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