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The Fourth Session of the Village Revitalization Volunteering

091015_dscf6253 From October 9th to 12th, the fourth session of the Village Revitalization Volunteering was held. This was our first time to hold a volunteering session without a JEN coordinator, but even so, things went very well thanks to the experienced members of the Tokamachi Regional Development Planning Committee.
The participants of this session were very few, in fact only two, but this was their fourth visit to Iketani. They fully took advantage their past experiences.

First, they helped villagers “rub rice in the husk.” This means peeling of husk of rice, which is then dried using a dryer,. The dried rice is then packed  30kg each.

Following the local fathers’ and mothers’ instructions, both of them worked quickly and efficiently. Even though farmers in Iketani are professional rice growers, carrying 30kg-rice is hard for the elderly. the two participants were  great helping hands Feeling the weight of rice, they seemed to realize that their assistance was vital to rice growing.091015_dscf6271

Villagers were very happy; “the participants helped us a lot,” and on the other hand the two supporters were also pleased to hear that “we could support the locals.” JEN thinks that this volunteering session was another great success.

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