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Reaction of a House Holder

091015_kumar_and_his_family_2009100   The hygiene education and toilet construction is changing the health activities in the people’s life at Sallitivu. A house holder named Markandu Sivakumar has shared his happiness with us that how to support the toilet for the family.

  We are four members in our family; father, wife, child and myself. We have faced some difficulties that had to go forest to defecate. The forest is very far from our place. Also, we can’t go in nights in case of emergency. In addition, we had difficulty to take our child for defecate to the middle of nowhere. So, in this reasons, we had to use our living land to defecate.

  Now, we have a toilet JEN has provided. Everything became easy and very helpfull to us. We can use the toilet anytime when we want and we don't have any difficulty for defecate anymore. We can always keep our environment clean and we are often cleaning the toilets, too. We will maintain the health as well.

  We thank to JEN for giving the greater opportunity for us and we are very happy.

My observation is that they are with happiness and satisfaction.

V.Sujitharan, Field Coordinator - Valaichnai Office. 

October 15, 2009 in Sri Lanka |