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[Northern Province] Living in Refugee Camp

091015_name_board_for_commhall We met a woman of 57 years old when visiting a refugee camp for monitoring the progress of water supply activities. She was a mother of seven children, and told us about how their lives had been before evacuation and how is now in the camp.

“It was 19th April 2009 when I evacuated from LTTE, anti-governmental armed forces, to the government control area.

Our life before entering the government control area was extremely tough. We had to leave our own village because of the war, and moreoverthere was very few assistance even where we evacuated as it was surrounded by the war zone. We were also very worried about land mines. We had to go through the war zone in order to reach the government control area.

After we moved to the government control area, we were then put in in this refugee camp of Vavunia District. Here, we have various assistance such as food, drinking water, and clothing.

Despite the availability of assistane, this place is like a bird cage. We are surrounded by barbed wires, constantly under harsh surveillance , and there is no freedom to go out of the camp. We cannot meet our relatives from outside.

We have peace without land mines, but we have no freedom.”

(Field Officer in Vavunia)

October 22, 2009 in Sri Lanka |