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New Members at Juba Office

091029_p1010025 JEN has been centering its activity on the main projects, water sanitation project and education project.  In developing these projects, the role assumed by local staffs is indispensably important.  It is very difficult for a very few Japanese staffs to accomplish such big projects solely by themselves.

Recently, JEN received new members coming from various countries.  Elizabeth from Kenya, is now in charge of Water Sanitation project.  She has had a long-term experiences of working for NGOs, and has been a specialist in the field of hygiene education.  Another new comer is Philip from the United Kingdom, and is now in charge of Education project.  He also has rich experiences of working in various areas of the world.

JEN office members, reinforced by new reliable members. will continue to do our best to carry out our the projects fruitfully.

October 29, 2009 in South Sudan |