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Latest News from Padang - a story of victim

Img_5744_low  When we arrived here yesterday night, the situation was relatively calm. It was very surprising that we could not detect any traditional sign of after having a big natural disaster.

  This morning, we have seen the reality, the damage by the earthquake.  The earthquake had hit very brutally to some houses in Padang.  It is difficult to realize how serious it was, some houses are not damaged at all and others are completely destroyed.   They don’t have enough rescue people to save life for who is still blocked in gravel and demolish houses.

  We met one family at the hotel where we stayed.  The father of the family told us that he lost all his belongings, house and vehicle.  Luckily, all member of his family are safe and he is very happy even if he lost everything.

  “To be close to the death make you realize how material things are small” he said.  He realized many things after this disaster.  Though he is sad, he is still happy to be alive and to see his children.  He is enthusiastic about restarting something even he is old.  He also said that his neighbor had lost his wife and son and he didn’t know how he can cope with and how to recover from this tragedy. 

By Cyril Cappai (12:00 Padang Time)


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October 8, 2009 in Indonesia |