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Latest News From Padang - Big Open Air Room

20091009coordinationcenterpadang   Like in huge disaster, coordination is one of the main factor of success. In Padang, United Nations are leading the coordination at the Governor House.  It is amazing to see so many international Humanitarian  organization, UN agencies, rescue teams from many countries like Japan, France, Germany, USA, and England.  Also, Journalists who comes to this place for collecting all types of information and using internet access.

  Everyone is running everywhere and we can hear so many different languages. On my left, two Italians are talking so loudly, 4 English men's  from one NGO are trying to print one document, 3 military from unknown uniform are looking some maps and UN staff make some announcements for the health meeting. In this huge open air  room , thousand of cable are crossing all over, big TV cover the latest news regarding the earthquake, and  we, JEN staff came here to use internet access to send our first report and coordinate with other UN and In go our future plan. 20091009coordinationcenterpadang_2


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October 9, 2009 in Indonesia |