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Latest News from Padang - Cordination Meeting

20091009coordinationcenterpadang_4   After one week of the earthquake, UN  coordination is finally organized by cluster (sub groups). Each organization working for the distribution are  giving information on the capacity and time of delivery.

  The more important is that coordination is the time of delivery and the selection of area for helping the people.  it is still confusing on who is or will do what and where exactly specially for the distribution of non food item and medicines etc.

  Step by step at daily level even hours we collect new information and developing our strategy for helping the affected people. Today it is still difficult to mention how many people are affected. We will have more clear picture within a few days.

20091009coordinationcenterpadang_3   According to United Nations and the majority of the NGOs including JEN , the shelter is one of the main need for the people. We are lucky because the weather is nice and we don't have heavy rain. The people with destroy house can more or less survive under this condition but every one is afraid of the big rain.  The objective is to distribute the most rapidly as possible for helping the people. We can not wait so long for and all international actors is this governor house are aware of it.( photo: Chisa and Cyril at the temp space for the time being)


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