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<> Indonesia: JEN will Start Aid Distribution from Today

141009_img_0128_low According to interviews by the afflected people, enough food and water are provided by the Indonesian government and various international organizations. The real issues are accommodation (since their houses are damaged and many have no place to sleep but outdoors) and their livelihood.

From today, JEN will provide the tool for clearing rubbles and then start distributing shelter-kits and sanitary goods in line with other NGOs and international organizations.

All this is done by  taking into account local conditions and local people’s needs confirmed through interviews. However, this is just an emergency measure, so at the same time, JEN is also conducting  assessment for the next project. JEN not only envisages the needs of goods but sanitary conditions as well as locals that could be suffering from earthquake trauma, and shares relevant information such as assistance situations with other institutions. 

When JEN had a meeting with one French NGO yesterday, their staff were very delighted to hear that JEN will start distributing shelter-kits. They are planning to implement a training program to build  houses. However, rents around this area have soared at about 80% after the earthquake.

Since local people cannot afford to rebuild their houses and buy equipments to remove rubbles, this French staff expressed so much delight, even with body gestures, “It will be so much help for us! This partnership is a miracle! Perfect!!”

In this way, the effectiveness and the speed of our assistance will improve by enhancing the tight coordination amongst international aid agencies and/or UN institutions from all over the world.

(From Padan, Yuka Hamatsu)

October 14, 2009 in Indonesia |