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<> Indonesia: A Report from on the Drive to the Afflicted Area

131009__img_0180_low My name is Hamatsu and I have reached the site on 11th.

I am on my way on a car from Padan to the remote area; field-site. Padan, where JEN’s activities base, was damaged relatively little. However, the farther you are away from this city, the more severe is the damage. Most of the houses are half destroyed or fully otherwise in the district which JEN is conducting a survey from the day before yesterday.

Villagers are living in the damaged houses. Considering a risk of second disaster, this situation is seriously dangerous. There are even some who are sleeping outdoors. While some villagers are making an effort to rebuild gigantic houses by themselves, we have come across several who are being at a loss due to lack of money and several elders who reject to go outdoors due to fear from the earthquakes.

JEN hopes that we can manage to organize an arrangement to distribute emergency aid supply, as soon as possible.

(From Padan, Yuka Hamatsu )

October 13, 2009 in Indonesia |