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“Global Hand washing Day”

221009_ 15th October is UN’s “Global Hand washing Day”, designed to teach the importance of washing hands for prevention of infections. The day was celebrated all over the world.

Every year, 1.5 million children of five years-old or younger lose their lives from diarrhea. It is said that washing hands with soap can reduce the occurrence of diarrhea by 60% (UNICEF, 2009). This day is therefore a very important one to save children’s lives.

JEN held workshop events at 17 junior high and high schools in Baghdad that JEN had renovated to teach children the importance of washing hands. The events were held for one week around Global Hand washing Day. JEN organized ceremonies of washing hands at renovated water supply facilities. JEN also held photo contests on hygiene. UN agencies gave cute posters and T-shirts.

221009__2 JEN will continue to focus on Hygiene education so that Iraqi children learn the habit of hand washing and live without fear of cholera.

October 22, 2009 in Iraq |