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Five days before leaving office

091015_20090115_mofa2_mambulle_comm   Sudan's bitter, 22-year long civil war ended in 2005. Many people returned home from both domestic and overseas areas, and have started restoring and rebuilding their old lives.

  JEN has developed the support activity in Lainya, where intensive battles between the Governmental force and SPLA(Sudan People Liberation Army)were fought. The SPLA  also had its strategic base here, and most of the streets and town areas were turned to battlefields. Many had to evacuate the town, so as not to be involved in the war.

  Since 2007, JEN has supported returnees to restore thier lives.  The number of people in Lainya district has increased over these two years, and many newly opended shops can be seen all over the town. An improved distribution system has brought about increase in commodities in the market.

  In addition, conditions on the streets has gradually improved, as well as hinterlands have being cultivated for agricultural use.  Many tucles (houses made out of local materials) have been built on areas where there were no houses.

  I have had a very satisfying but challenging experience, working with local staff and people through sharing the thoughts and working with them for these two years since I  took charge of the progmamme.  Now I have only five days left before leaving the office, and it feels very odd when I think about my time here, and that I will never again see any of the places, roads and faces that I have come to know so well.
(By Ayako Wakano, Juba Office Programme Office)

October 15, 2009 in South Sudan |