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[Eastern Province] Handing Over of Community Center

JEN has been constructing a community center in Kiran DS Division in Batticaloa District using the Chabo! Donations. JEN has recently handed over the community center to the community

Thanks to JEN’s project, local organizations were becoming more and more active in this community. However, they were facing various challenges with lack of  space  they needed for their activities. They  had to conduct community  activities outside under trees as there was no public facility available in neighborhood. The harsh weather such as unendurable heat, strong wind and heavy rain, and sometimes even poisonous snakes  would fall from the tree braches above, it was evident that did not allow them to conduct community activities safely.

“We are very happy because we have long wanted to have a public facility like this. This center will let us hold more meetings and invite mobile clinics,” said the representative of the community organization.

JEN is looking forward to conducting monitoring activities to see further progress in sustainable development of this community. "

October 8, 2009 in Sri Lanka |