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DREAM BAG comes true, once again!

091022__51_astiqlal_sejedara_g2_04 Currently, JEN Afghanistan is delivering  “Dream Bag” to approximately over 3,000 children during one month from September 27th. This is our fifth year of this particular project in Afghanistan. Before then, it was distributed to the children in former Yugoslavia.

Every year  our supporters send us all the way from Japan, it contains stationery and toys in handmade bags filled with love and blessing of children from Japan. Since the distribution is not informed to the schools in advance, the staff of the JEN appeares suddenly (!) to make children surprises, just like Santa Clause !! and share the happy time with the children with full of laughter!

Thank you all of you for sending many dreams for the children in Afghanistan.

October 22, 2009 in Afghanistan |