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[BREAKING NEWS] Indonesia: Aid Distribution

131009_img_0100_low This emergency assistance is realized through partnership with UNICEF, the Japanese Government and Japan Platform. Considerable amount of issues are efficiently progressing under the management of the project leader Azmat and his local staff.

Yesterday, October 14th, became the unforgettable turning-point of this project. JEN was able to start distributing both tool and sanitary kits. The distribution site was Pariaman district located some 100 km north of central Padang. Pariaman was severely damaged compared to Padang; despite the nearly entire destruction of houses in this district there are only a few aids reaching the area. Although more than 10 days have passed since the earthquake, JEN was the second organization to bring aid supply to the district.

In addition, Japan’s Foreign Minister Mr. Okada visited the site where JEN is providing assistance. The visit of the Minister and the start of the aid distribution have coincidentally happened on the same day.

JEN’s support goods are toolkits (shovel, hammer, saw, pincers, scissors, trailer etc.) and sanitary kits provided by UNICEF (soap, dust cloth, bucket, toothbrush, toothpaste, towel etc.).

In addition, JEN has visited families from the villages of Koram Janyan and Tarau in the same Pariaman district. The distribution of support goods to these villages will start from tomorrow. In this project, JEN is planning to distribute support goods to total of 10 villages.

(From Padang, Yuka Hamatsu)

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