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’Of course, there is no way we could afford it.’

This is what one villager has answered when JEN asked, ‘is our tool-kit useful?’ JEN was glad to see our tool-kits being used; but, at the same time, we realized that it is time to consider our next project.

In the village, families are clearing rubbles, building shelters and tents by supporting each other. They must finish building shelters before the rainy season arrives.

Three weeks have passed since the earthquake. Before, the villagers were desperate to acquire assistance goods, however, now, they are starting to consider their future; for example, their future life, place to live and their children’s education. Mrs. Asniar, age 50, was clearing rubble with her sons-in-law when we met her in the village. During our conversation, she suddenly burst out crying, saying ‘I used to think what can be worse than this when I lost my house by the earthquake. But now, since everybody cares about me so much, I am very happy. However, I can not sleep when I think of our life from now on.’

Now villagers must consider seriously about their life after the earthquake. JEN is also at the final stage of the planning of the next project.

JEN’s staffs are busy not just with the on-going aid distribution, but with also other issues such as needs assessment in the village and coordination with the Indonesian government.

JEN would like to ask you for your continuous support.

October 26, 2009 in Indonesia |