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Agricultural Trainee, Akita Momiyama 3

090931_r0018872_low This is the final episode of the story of Akita Momiyama, (Mo) which started at the beginning of the month.

You have enjoyed you time at Iketani so much that you extended your training period. Could you tell us how you feel about Iketani?

Mo: I respect the way farm families as well as other rural people work hard. Still, it is difficult for them to sustain their lives, or do they have successors. I consider the current condition of agriculture an important social issue which needs tackling especially in light of the importance of agriculture to society. If our dedication to reforming Iketani is successful, it would bode well for the prospects of other project villages in the future.

Social change, deteriorated agricultural management, the spread of agricultural machines, and other factors have caused people to leave farming villages as their labor has become obsolete. JEN’s volunteer and agricultural programs in Iketani are full of potential, and many people have participated in them every weekend.

Thank you so much! JEN hopes that we will keep a good relationship between us.

October 1, 2009 in Niigata |