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A Night in Africa

091001_p1070985_5 JEN has been providing school children with hygiene education by visiting some schools in Morobo, located in the border region of, Southern Sudan.

Morobo is full of nature, and people in this region have lived simple and peaceful lives for many years. They use sanitary facilities comprising of various grasses and reeds, as well as drinking the river water.  Locals claim it is safe to do so and does not taste too bad! If outsiders were to drink it everyday however, they might suffer from a stomachache problems!

Here, time seems to pass as gently and slowly as the Stream of Nile River.  It contrasts strikingly with energy and movement shown of the Sudanese people!

At night, the sky is so clear that it is lit up by the stars. You can see The Milky Way as if it were a cloud floating in the sky.  In the middle of the night during summer, summer star, the Scorpion clear, and at dawn, the winter star, the Orion and the Cassiopeia are very visible.

091001_p1080090_2 The beauty of nature is not something to be taken for granted、 , and JEN feels that it is an important part of its mission to educate those it has access to about the virtues of respecting and protecting nature.

October 1, 2009 in South Sudan |