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A Full Moon in Myanmar

091008_imgp0718s On the 3rd October, the Japanese enjoy the ‘harvest moon’, but in Myanmar, they call this annual event Dadenjyo-Rabi (Full moon in October) — a Buddhist festival to celebrate the beautiful October full moon.

This picture shows preople visiting Shedagon Pagoda (Buddhist stupa in Myanmar-syte) on the night of Dadenjyo-Rabi. The event saw an unusually high turn out to visit the pagoda.

The third of October is also the day to show appreciation to elders and people to whom he or she is indebted. Children visit their grandfathers and grandmothers and express their love and appreciation,and offer them gifts. Children become very excited because they can expect presents from them in return.

091008_imgp0728s Everybody at the event was very cheerful, and there was a definite atmosphere of happiness and tranquility.. Several disasters have occurred in various locations in Asia within the last two weeks, and JEN is doing all it can to return those who have been displaced, back to their homes.

October 8, 2009 in Myanmar |