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Local People’s Concerns

090924_bglkcggcg008_7909s Myanmar is now facing the end of rainy season, and will enter the dry season in mid-October. JEN is currently preparing to build a shelter-type elementary school for the locals in two towns where almost half of their residents have been lost during the last cyclone tsunami.

This picture was taken as we were investigating the soil consistency around the area. We carried out the investigation based on the cooperation from the local people who worked with us in rain and thunder. Following the construction company’s preliminary opinions, we had initially agreed that we wouldn’t need a foundation post. With further investigation, however, we realized that the ground is extremely soft and that we might need to install metal posts in the soil. By planting posts in the ground, we would be able to build large buildings even on soft soils.

Posts, however, are extremely expensive commodities. We are troubled by such unexpected costs. The villagers also seemed concerned as they observed our investigation until the end in the rain.

090924_bglkcggcg017_7909s For the local people, cyclone is an extremely frightening experience, and they claim that what they need right now more than anything is a place where they can escape to at a time of another cyclone. To relieve their apprehension, we are conducting a detailed survey of the construction site, so we can build a strong and rigid cyclone shelter.

September 24, 2009 in Myanmar |