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Life is back

090924_monitoring_canoe_usagemull_2   I am Sellan Mailvaganam, a longstanding member of Fisherman Co-operative Society in the village call Mulliwadduvan.  I lost all my belongings including fishing gears due to the war and not in a position to restart my livelihood, affected both mentally and economically.

  JEN supported our Fisherman Society by way of providing Canoes and fish net sets and got opportunity to be a Canoe user.  I am utilizing this Canoe for fishing in the Tank and I earn a considerable amount of money.  I cover my family needs from this money and also contribute some money to our Fisherman Society enabling the Society to help the others who need assistance for livelihood.   

  While nearing to the landing centre after fishing, I saw one of the JEN staffs standing at the center asked me “ Aiya”,   Do you engage in only fishing or you have some other source of income.  I told him, NO, I am making dry fish also, as I can not depend only on selling fish because I can earn more money when I sell Dry fish and I can double my income. 

From: E. Komeswaran- JEN Field Officer
Batticaloa, Sri lanka.

September 24, 2009 in Sri Lanka |