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JEN’s Secret Mission

091001_p1070985_2 JEN has assisted returnees that after the 20-year-long exile throughout the civil war.

Participants of the project and local staff have worked for returnees from the neighboring countries and other parts in Sudan.  Persevering efforts made by the local staff is essential to the eventual success of the project.  All staff have worked very hard, and especially Mr. Haire, who has been working in the area with JEN since the Eritrea days, and a truly inspiring leader.

The number of people who flee the strife in Eritrea has increased.  Here in Juba, we meet many people who are from Eritrea. There are restaurants that serve injura, the main staple of Eritrean people.

JEN employed an Eritrean as manager of the School Construction Project.  The artisan, who will turn sixty very soon, spreads his knowledge and skill to young workmen in Sudan.

In fact, this workmanship provided by people from Eritrea is the main part of the Project. Thus, the secret mission of JEN Sudan is to contribute to the development of Southern Sudan, through integrating capacity and knowledge available in Sudan.

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