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Home garden - Working together

090903photo_for_web_articlebarric_2   We are often visiting out beneficiaries houses for follow up, to make sure that beneficiaries’ lives are getting better.

  While visiting house one by one, I dropped by the house of Mrs. Retnasingam.  She is an active beneficiary in our project. As far as I know, her family is consisting of 4 members.  But I was surprised to see such a big crowed gathering in her home garden.

  When I asked Mrs. Retnasingam about others,   she replied 

"They are my  neighbors." 

  She further said,

"Support from neighbors and working together is a strength to me, as well as to develop our community”.                              

  This is what we did not observe 10months ago, when we started our support in this village. It’s a great pleasure to see this kind of positive change.

Subojini – Field Officer JEN

September 3, 2009 in Sri Lanka |