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For support with continuity

 JEN's ultimate goal in Afghanistan: to understand the people who participate JEN's activity; to maintain communication with the central and local government; to always seek opportunities for progress, and understand how to maximize their capability.

  When we interviewed and surveyed the inhabitants of the village, we were often told that there was no supplement for soap distributed after the project. Consequently, despite the children having learnt correct hygiene habits, they often  forget to wash their hands six months later.

  To promote the project effectively, it is necessary to communicate with the government and the local people. over bureaucratic and administerial issues. Points raised include  soap distribution rights after the project is finished and whether the budget is pre-prepared or are goods to be distributed by the community. JEN and UNICEF are discussing the continuation of this project with the Afghanistan Education Department.

  As in the case of inspecting water, the function of management after digging the well and providing clean water, is also important. It is vital to design an effective care system to follow up the project,,to clarify departmental duties concerning water inspection, as well establishing an infrastructure which enables discourse between local people and local government, in order to rectify poor standards. ,.

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