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Fifth Ramzan

  It’s true that time flies so fast. It was Four years ago during Ramzan 2005 (month of fasting), when the huge earthquake hit the Kashmir region.

  Thousands of people died and thousands of families lost their houses and living spaces. JEN had started to work since the holy month of Ramzan that year in Kashmir. The tireless efforts of JEN International and local staffs supported the affected people of disaster and left the inerasable memories in the local people’s mind.

  In the second year’s Ramzan 2006, JEN was still working intensely in Kashmir and was busy in the reconstruction of permanent schools and provision of water supply schemes to 249 schools in the mountains of Kashmir. JEN staffs and partners on construction site didn’t care of their hunger and thirst. They were remaining busy to work for the affected people.

  The third year’s Ramzan 2007 was the most rainy Ramzan in the region, JEN staff were busy in distribution of school furniture, reinforcement of school tents and provision of disaster preparedness education to the school children, their parents and teachers.

  The fourth Ramzan in 2008 was the last year of JEN activities in Kashmir. It was very sad moment for all JEN staffs to finally leave Kashmir where we worked for 3 continuous years. JEN was again busy in construction of semi permanent shelter schools, Children’s sports activities project and hygiene education project in the remote areas of Kashmir.

  The fifth Ramzan brought JEN staff to NWFP. The security situation in NWFP was very bad due to the  bomb blasts occured every week in different cities. JEN provided support to the displaced people of conflict areas in two different districts of NWFP. Now almost all the IDPs has returned back to their hometowns and trying to start their normal lives.

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