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Equality for all

  During implementation of emergency relief project for the IDP’s(Internally Displaced Persons) of Swat and Buner, Government were providing support and registering just those IDPs who had their ID cards available, the same criteria was for every organization including JEN.

  But during the assessment, JEN staff observed that there are many IDP families who aren’t registered because they didn’t have ID cards available with them. One such kind of special case was seen in UC Panj Pir when a woman approached to JEN office in Swabi.

  Security guard stopped her to enter the office and informed JEN staff about her. JEN staff met her and she said that she has a family of 5 children herself and her old father in law. She said that her husband died due to sickness a few years ago.

  None of them had ID card because they belonged to far flange area of Swat. She didn’t realize that ID card is such important for her, that’s why she didn’t go to ID card office in Swat, which is 2 hours far from her house in Mengora city. Her father in law has ID card but he couldn’t bring it from Swat because of emergency evacuation. JEN staff discussed the matter in office meeting next day and decided to ask about her from Union Council Nazim, who was responsible for the IDPs matters.

  Next day Nazim and JEN staff went for assessment and found the family really vulnerable. She was living in worst condition with a host family in one small room made by mud. JEN provided support to her next day and raised the point in the coordination meeting next week. JEN staff told clearly that JEN will provide support not only to Registered IDPs but to those vulnerable unregistered IDPs also, who couldn’t bring their documents because of some reasons.

  For JEN every one is equal if he is registered or unregistered.   

September 3, 2009 in Pakistan |