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Enjoying iftar with the local staff

Last week, all the Islamabad office staff prepared iftar. Iftar is a meal that Muslims eat during Ramadan, after the sunset. In town, there is an “iftar buffet” at the restaurant, attended mainly by Pakistanis gathering for that buffet.

A first, they begin with small portions of dates, then pakora a spicy fry like tempura and then samosa. On another occasion, when we were invited by a Pakistani woman, an almond juice was served, a milk-white drink, sweetened with syrup, but without overpowering the coconut taste... During the iftar, we tried some salad with chick beans, and small pasta and with fruit salad dish.

All JEN staff tried to eat the way the local people did Staff were surprised by the fruit salad, as surprisingly it was slightly spicy. Since the other salad was also spiced, it wasn’t strange to eat them together. Today was an education in ifter for the JEN staff!

September 24, 2009 in Afghanistan |